Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developers who will be responsible for managing and building the backend API that powers the web and mobile front ends of our application. You will be looking after the data interchange between third party services that we integrate with and for our users on our application front ends.


  • Design, build and maintain reliable Ruby code for the Rails App

  • Optimise the application for speed and scale

  • Work with the front-end developers to integrate new features they build

  • Bottlenecks and bug identification and designing solutions for these problems

  • Design schemas for new features or systems as need be

Skills required

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails

  • Strong understanding of oop and how ruby supports it

  • Understanding of Ruby and its nuances

  • Experience with Redis, Memcached

  • Proficient with sql on PostgreSql

  • Proficient with Git for version control

  • Have a knack for code organisation and writing readable code!

  • Not shy of writing custom sql queries if need be

  • Familiarity with basic web technologies like HTML5, css, and javascript is a must

  • Collaborate with other team members

  • Experience with Heroku or similar platform-as-a-service providers

  • Experience with oAuth2 and jwt will be a plus